Beard Oil with a spiritual edge

October 29, 2018

Spirituality is on the rise, and although it's 'fashionable' right now it means that the word is spreading in a big way. Trends like this come and go.. First it was paleo doing the rounds, now it's cool to be vegan, uber cool if you meditate. These trends, although fairly artificial for most, will spread the message out there and collect some committed followers which just happens to change peoples lives. This new 'trend' of spirituality is doing just that, Crystals - Yoga - Transcendental meditation and yes - Veganism, are now household names spreading transformational practices and healing like wildfire. 

This new age style is definitely hitting the guys too, Men who wouldn't feel all that comfortable discussing meditation and their favourite healing crystal before are now coming out of the woodwork. Thank goodness!! It's wonderful to see Men discussing emotions more and searching for a connection on a deeper level. 

You may or may not have noticed the recent Beard Epidemic. They are everywhere. Strangely just as Spirituality is now everywhere. I believe the 2 are connected.

The Moon center resides on the body in the area of the chin. Meaning that the feminine, emotional energy of the Moon is represented by an energy centre which is on the chin. We as women feel more comfortable with our emotions generally and therefore feel comfortable with our moon centre on show. Men however, are beginning to sense this new uprising of emotion, femininity and spirituality which is brought about by the Age of Aquarius we are moving into, a much more spiritually open and connected age than the last 2000 years of the age of Pisces which was Masculine and more detached. The world is opening up to this deep connection we have to ourselves and others, the children coming through are super sensitive and aware. We are changing as a human race and planet. The men are sussing this out and reacting. In comes the Beard epidemic 

It is not  bad thing, in fact I think it's a wonderful show of sensitivity and connection that some people think Men can lack, they are being ultra sensitive and intuitive and choosing to protect themselves albeit on a subconscious level..


These gorgeous new beards of the world need taming! I have created a beautifully nourishing beard oil which will help to soften, tame and nourish even the wildest of viking beards.

I have added the purest essential oils to create a woody, spicy yet floral fragrance with a spiritual edge. Black pepper, Juniper Berry and Patchouli all combine in a cocktail of spiritually awakening oils which have been used for thousands of years to help open the mind, awaken the soul and deepen your connection to yourself and the collective conscious.

Infused with Tiger's eye crystal. The Ultimate Power crystal. enabling you to manifest your ambitions & reach for success with a razor sharp focused mind




Comes beautifully gift wrapped


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