Add a splash of Sunshine with Citrine

September 11, 2018


I have to admit my first real experience with Citrine was all about money! I had heard wondrous things about people wearing this crystal and watching the cash roll in.. Well of course I had to check this out for myself (strictly for research purposes) There are many a Mantra within Kundalini Yoga to bring in success, wealth and abundance but the joy of crystals is you simply carry it with you, or add to your water or wear as jewellery, even easier!!


I began carrying a beautiful Citrine point with me, my intention wasn't particularly cash flow based (although that in turn followed) I was starting up my Yoga studio and wanted more lovely Yogis to be able to find me.. so, intention set, crystal in hand and I was away. 

And the emails began to rolllll in.. each day or at least every other I would be receiving enquiries from new students wishing to start yoga classes, either they had found my website online or had found a poster I had put up etc etc either way they had randomly been brought to me. It wasn't long before my classes were full and I was having to keep a waiting list. It's safe to say the gorgeous Citrine had worked it's magic and ever since I have used this crystal for many different situations along the way..


I hadn't realised Citrine also has other incredibly positive benefits, bringing Joy & happiness, banishing depression, it is like a warm ray of sunshine which will light up your room and light up your spirit too. Carrying the power of the Sun it brings divine light and transmutes negative energy..

Of course, it is known as the money stone it can bring instant success and cash flow as well as maintaining your abundance of wealth! 
This Happy stone brings vitality and warmth, is fantastic digestive aid and will open you up to new opportunities and ventures.

Put it in your purse, have one in your pocket & place one in your water bottle to create a joyful elixir and watch the light and abundance fill you up 

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