Selenite - Raise your vibration

September 7, 2018


This gorgeous, high vibration crystal is probably my favourite and an absolute must for your collection. Selenite will work to draw light down from the higher realms and connect you to your Angels and guides. It is the most high vibration that a crystal can have and will directly connect you to the angelic realm, making contact easier and bringing you a deep sense of peace and calm. Selenite will remove any toxic energy and cleanse your aura of negativity, it will literally soak up anything toxic and transmute it back into light. Selenite will absolutely radiate divine light which will transform the atmosphere. A super cleansing crystal, it will cleanse you, your space, any crystals around it and it's even happy to cleanse itself! Totally self sufficient and helpful :) 


Being a Kundalini yoga teacher I was first attracted to this crystal due to it's ability to raise your kundalini energy which sits at the base of the spine, in doing this you become more aware, sensitive, conscious and connected spiritually. I found selenite to be a beautiful addition to my meditations and yoga practice and felt such a strong yet calming energy from this divine blanket of tranquility.


The best thing is how inexpensive this crystal is! You can buy small pieces for pennies or huge selenite logs for £100 or less


I have included this pure, cleansing crystal in a few of my crystal infused products so you can easily spread it's energy throughout your home


Clean spray - to clean the home as well as cleanse the atmosphere and promote peace


Bath Salts - to allow you to soak in a warm, relaxing bath and release any stress whilst soaking up the energy of your closest Angels and guides


Cleanse - Puriying facial cleanser - Selenite is perfect for acne prone skin as it is so cleansing whilst promoting self love and acceptance


Bath elixir -  gorgeously scented bath oil to promote peace, aid restful sleep and nourish your skin while you bathe


Meditate rollerball - Easing you into the higher realms and bringing clarity whilst you meditate




You can shop for any of these products on my website








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