Tourmaline Totally Rocks

September 3, 2018


The healing power of Crystals has long been known, for thousands of years indigenous people have been utilising the calming, protecting and grounding effects of these beautiful wonders of nature. Pretty much, there's a crystal for everything! Cleansing your aura, protecting you from negative energy, healing a broken heart, bringing vitality, wealth, connecting you with your newborn baby and any ailment you can think of can benefit form a little crystal loving..


It's safe to say they are beautiful, but really you're after them for their incredible healing gifts. I have a go to set that are great to start out with if you're new to crystals.

Rose quartz - Black onyx - Selenite - Amethyst - Clear Quartz - Citrine are a gorgeous, gentle bunch that can bring many different wonders into your life and help from things like sleep issues to deeper meditation.. I will be choosing a crystal each post to elaborate on. 

Today I've chosen one of my absolute favourites!




Ever felt that someone has been draining your energy? These lovely people can (subconsciously) be attracted to your bright light and decide they want a little piece! There you have it, an emotional vampire. They can leave you feeling depleted, fatigued, depressed or in need of a great big nap. Tourmaline is here to save the day. 

Ever suffered with terrible nightmares? Tourmaline is here to save the day

Ever felt the need for a little extra protection in the night from cheeky spirits? Tourmaline will help to keep them at bay

This crystal will help to protect you from outside negative energies but also assist in letting your energy out too, it creates a bubble around you, nothing in and nothing out. Tourmaline can also help if you have self doubt, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about your capabilities.

I find this crystal incredibly grounding, helping to slow down my whizzing thoughts and sometimes chaotic brain!  

Also wonderful for protecting from electro magnetic vibrations, Mobile phones, Wifi etc


I have used Tourmaline in my Smooth body whip, as you massage this nourishing body cream into your skin you are smoothing your skin, deeply hydrating, reducing inflammation and also encasing yourself in this protective energy setting yourself up for positivity and protection all day. By adding Tourmaline to creams or oils you create a healing elixir as the crystals benefits permeate into your nourishing cream to add another layer of healing, emotionally, spiritually and physically.


You can wear Tourmaline on you all day by just popping in your pocket or wearing in jewellery

Place next to your bed or on all 4 corners of your bed to protect from psychic attack or nightmares

Place on your router or computer (cleanse regularly!)

Keep in your healing room if you are a healer/therapist 




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