Kundalini by the Moon at Heart Windlesham

March 26, 2018


So this Month we have 2 Full Moons! they'll this a Blue moon and although famously rare this occurrence is happening or the second time this year!! We also had 2 blue Moons in January.

It's safe to say the energy this year is potent and I'm sure we are all feeling it! whether you feel a little off kilter, out of sorts or slightly unbalanced since the start of this year, don't worry! we're all in the same energetic boat :) luckily, the energy of this upcoming Libra Full moon is set to help us all feel a little more balanced and settled. We will, however, over the next week or so be encouraged by this potent energy to address some underlying emotions or issues that may have been lurking for a while. Have you been happily burying your head in the sand that your content with life? Well, you can hide no more... it's time to get real, to get really, truly HONEST with yourself and be brave enough to address any fears, mediocrities or emotions you may be feeling deep down. Now is the time to go within, have a heart to heart with yourself and find the courage to make the potential big changes you may need to in order to revise your true potential and realise your happiest reality! 


The Spring equinox has just shifted us all into a new cycle which is a great time to make changes, plant new seeds and think about the direction we would like our life to be heading in. This fresh boost of powerful Sun energy will give us just what we need to go within and take inventory of our life and then make any necessary adjustments. 


Utilise the healing and cleansing powers of these 2 astrological & energetic events by honouring your feelings, letting go of anything blocking you from being in total balance with yourself and release the old in order to welcome a new, fresh cycle! 


I will be holding a class this Saturday here at Heart Windlesham in Surrey to give us all the space to listen to deep intuitive messages and bring ourselves back into connection and harmony with ourselves.


Contact me to book in or just check in...I would love to hear from you and whether you too are feeling the energy of this Full Moon & Equinox!




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