Rosehip Oil is deeply nourishing and has wonderful healing benefits thanks to it's high levels of antioxidants, Vitamins A & C as well as essential Fatty acids.

It is well known for it's ability to treat problem skin with it's ability to clear your complexion by unblocking pores, regenerating fresh skin cells and improving the texture & tone of the skin. Rosehip oil 

works beautifully on acne scarring and blemishes by boosting tissue repair.


Jojoba oil moisturizes deeply and nourishes the skin. It controls oil production as it has the ability to replicate sebum which tricks the glands into producing less oil, wonderful for acne or oily skin. Jojoba also has powerful anti inflammatory properties making it a soothing and calming treatment. Long used by Native Americans to heal it is wonderful for eczma and other dry skin conditions. A light, anti bacterial, vitamin filled wonder oil which is easily absorbed and loved by many


Tea Tree oil, also known as Melaleuca, is very well known for it's purifying and anti inflammatory properties making it perfect for cleansing the skin. Anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti septic it has long been used to fight infection and heal problem skin 


Clary sage contains a special chemical linalyl acetate which works to reduce inflammation and prevents acne scarring. It regulates the oil production of the skin, which can help future acne from forming with regular use. Antibacterial properties also make clary sage a great choice in preventing breakouts from spreading. A very calming oil which helps to regulate hormones as well as relieve stress


Aventurine holds anti inflammatory properties, the perfect crystal for calming inflamed skin and healing eruptions



Apply this nourishing oil as the final step in your evening wind down routine, take a few breaths and let the Clary sage release any stress, wake up to purified skin


Ingredients: Organic Rosehip oil - Organic Jojoba oil - Organic Sweet Almond oil-  Organic Tea Tree - Organic Clary Sage - Aventurine Crystal



Your Crystal

All crystals have been lovingly cleansed and then charged under the Full Moon before being used in your product. This ensures that any energy they have collected along their journey to us have been washed away leaving them radiant, fresh and full of healing energy. All crystals can be retrieved and kept once your product has been used. It’s important that crystals be cleansed regularly so this is a wonderful opportunity to freshen them up and fill them with your wonderful intentions.


Cleansing is very simple to do and can be done in various ways:

  • Burn some sage and use the smoke to engulf the crystal until you feel the crystal is cleansed
  • Burn incense and use the smoke as above
  • Run under fresh water
  • Visualise a beautiful white cleansing light entering the crystal to heal and cleanse
  • Sound vibration such as a drum or singing bowls will also cleanse

Purify Rosehip face oil

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