Terrashield is a blend of essential oils designed specifically to repel insects. Many plants contain a vapour barrier provided by their essential oils to naturally protect themselves from threats in their environment, these essential oils have been harvested and combined in this blend to protect you from unwanted pests in the outdoors. Cedar wood, ylang ylang, catnip, lemon, eucalyptus & citronella all assist in keeping bugs await make your outdoor adventure all the more enjoyable!


Snowflake Obsidian crystal is a very protective stone, it will cleanse any negative energies within and around you and also repel any negativity from outside sources. Used within the spray it will cleanse your space and create a protective bubble.
This crystal also helps you to see clearly that there is no need for fear whilst balancing and grounding

Apply over yourself and your family to protect from pests whilst outdoors, spray around doors and windows to prevents bugs getting in, spray around tent doors whilst camping
due to its organic nature this product is safe for all including children and babies


Ingredients: Distilled water - Terrashield essential oil blend - Snowflake obsidian 


Your Crystal

All crystals have been lovingly cleansed and then charged under the Full Moon before being used in your product. This ensures that any energy they have collected along their journey to us have been washed away leaving them radiant, fresh and full of healing energy. All crystals can be retrieved and kept once your product has been used. It’s important that crystals be cleansed regularly so this is a wonderful opportunity to freshen them up and fill them with your wonderful intentions.

Cleansing is very simple to do and can be done in various ways:
Burn some sage and use the smoke to engulf the crystal until you feel the crystal is cleansed Burn incense and use the smoke as above
Run under fresh water
Visualise a beautiful white cleansing light entering the crystal to heal and cleanse Sound vibration such as a drum or singing bowls will also cleanse

You can then place your Crystal near your bed or under your pillow infuse your bath water
place in your bottle of drinking water to create a healing tonic keep on your person

give your crystal regular holidays outside in the garden and place out to be charged monthly under the full moon 

Protect Natural Bug repellent

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