Serenity essential oil blend by Doterra is uniquely calming, it invites you to relinquish feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. this has a powerful effect on your mind and heart allowing you the peace to fall into relaxation and a deep, restful sleep
Vetiver, Lavender, Roman Chamomile & Ylang yang make for a beautiful perfume too.

Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to aid in sleep, it brings soothing and calming energies and helps you to get into a state of relaxation before bed
Amethyst under your pillow at night can chase away nightmares and increase peaceful dreams

Shake well before use - Keep out of direct sunlight to maintain strength of smell – test on a hidden piece of fabric before spraying directly onto bedding


Your lovely new product is very versatile! It can also be used as a room spray to cleanse the atmosphere or as a linen spray to freshen up linen/curtains/upholstery


Ingredients: Filtered water – Witch hazel - Serenity Essential oil by Doterra



Your Crystal

All crystals have been lovingly cleansed and then charged under the Full Moon before being used in your product. This ensures that any energy they have collected along their journey to us have been washed away leaving them radiant, fresh and full of healing energy. All crystals can be retrieved and kept once your product has been used. It’s important that crystals be cleansed regularly so this is a wonderful opportunity to freshen them up and fill them with your wonderful intentions.


Cleansing is very simple to do and can be done in various ways:

  • Burn some sage and use the smoke to engulf the crystal until you feel the crystal is cleansed
  • Burn incense and use the smoke as above
  • Run under fresh water
  • Visualise a beautiful white cleansing light entering the crystal to heal and cleanse
  • Sound vibration such as a drum or singing bowls will also cleanse

Pillow Spray

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  • A Crystal infused calming bedtime mist with Doterra essential oil to promote feelings of relaxation and a restful night's sleep

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