Hay fever sufferers.. you’re natural remedy has arrived and its totally safe for kids & pregnancy 


Lavender | Lemon | Peppermint 

With the soothing, calming & anti allergy effects of these pure essential oils this powerful trio combine to fight off the internal inflammation causing itchy, watery eyes, runny stuffed up nose & cough. All of the annoyances of summer can be alleviated allowing you to be able to relax a little more


Citrine is a wonderful crystal offering further anti allergy healing benefits with the added happiness & positivity that the wonderful citrine always brings


Sweet Almond oil makes for a natural base for this product with additional nourishing and easily absorbing benefits


Roll this ready made rollerball on the soles of your feet regularly or around the jawline and temples

Every 2 hours or up to every 10 minutes if symptoms are severe


Totally safe for children and pregnancy

Hay fever rollerball

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