Serenity essential oil blend by Doterra is uniquely calming, it invites you to relinquish feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. this has a powerful effect on your mind and heart allowing you the peace to fall into relaxation and a deep, restful sleep
Vetiver, Lavender, Roman Chamomile & Ylang yang make for a beautiful perfume too

Selenite helps to battle insomnia, cleanses you while you bathe and rejuvenates your aura.  Selenite opens up your spiritual connection and helps to invoke protection from the angelic realm. A beautiful, high vibration crystal that raises your kundalini energy while totally protecting you from negativity.
An incredibly cleansing crystal, soaking up negativity from your mind and the atmosphere aswell as cleansing your aura


Sweet almond oil is renowned for it’s ability to reduce muscle pain, soreness and fatigue. It is deeply nourishing being packed with vitamin E and absorbs fully into the skin easily. Sweet almond oil is an excellent cleanser as it gets deep into the pores and can dislodge any blockages. An ancient healing oil renowned for it’s ability to soothe and create flawless skin


This gorgeous bath oil is very versatile, as well as a releasing bath oil it can be used as

  • A night cream on your face to deeply nourish and relax
  • A deep cleanser/make up remover, simply massage into the skin and wipe away with warm water and a clean muslin or cotton pad
  • Eye make up remover, simply apply to eyes and wipe away with warm water and pads…
  • Dry skin areas on the body including hands
  • A lovely baby massage oil, sweet almond oil is the best oil for new babies
  • Excellent for pregnant women to prevent/reduce stretch marks and nourish the growing bump/breast area


Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight

Add around a tablespoon of bath oil to a warm bathe, turn the lights down and enjoy some peace and quiet


Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil - Serenity essential oil blend – Roman Chamomile – Ylang Ylang – Sandalwood – Vetiver – Lavender - Marjoram - Cedarwood

50ml - 100ml

Bath Elixir - Relax

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  • Sweet almond oil, pure organic essential oil & Crystal combine to create a luxurious bath oil, designed to nourish the skin and hydrate you aswell as the aroma promoting a deeply relaxing experience

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