Clary sage is a beautiful essential oil for supporting women during emotional imbalances and during their moon cycle. Excellent for reducing the pain of menstrual cramps with its soothing and warming properties. Famously used during menopause to calm hormonal surges, insomnia and hot flushes. A very stress relieving, calm inducing oil that every woman can benefit from

Moonstone is a wonderfully balancing crystal for the hormones. it can aid women in any stage of their life when they are particularly hormonal, during your moon cycle, menopause or pregnancy/postnatal.

A stone of 'new beginnings' it can help the transition stage of menopause and into motherhood. 

Women are connected to the phases of the Moon which affects our emotions on a very deep level, moonstone will help you to feel held and supported by the moons nurturing energy and help you to feel more connected, intuitive and balanced


Apply on the back of the neck, wrists, third eye or soles of feet upto every 10 minutes if necessary when in need of cooling down from hot flushes or hormonal surges

if struggling with heavy periods or cramps then apply directly to the womb area

Great to use during the 4th trimester, this will assist in connecting with your new baby and soothing any hormonal imbalance


WARNING: Clary sage can bring on contractions if used heavily so it is not recommended to use during pregnancy. However, it makes an excellent remedy to bring on labour naturally


Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil – Clary Sage Organic essential oil – Moonstone



Your Rollerball

When an essential oil is applied to the body it enters through the skin and is within all cells in your body within 20 minutes. This helps to make us more conscious of what we’re using on our bodies, including our hair and nails.. eek!

You can apply the oil using your lovely new rollerball onto the soles of your feet (the most absorbant part of your body & great for children) your wrists, back of your neck, temples, along your spine, on your chest or heart centre, on any of the chakras etc etc. To have a more direct effect you can apply to the part of your body that needs the attention most, such as the stomach for tummy upset or 3rd eye for meditation. Have fun with your lovely new product, you can use every 10 minutes if symptoms are acute or every couple of hours throughout the day for an ongoing ailment

Balance Rollerball

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