Mamas Massage oil

Ylang Ylang essential oil is derived from unique star shaped tropical flowers, it is very nourishing on the skin which will help to soothe your gorgeous growing body, ylang ylang is used in aromatherapy to reduce stress and tension and it promotes a positive outlook, perfect to keep you calm and content during your pregnancy


Frankincense essential oil is renowned for its beautifying properties, with its ability to soothe the skin and balance out any imperfections and help to prevent or treat stretch marks. it makes a wonderful treatment to a growing bump. it is known as the king of oils and has long been used in sacred ceremonies


Sweet almond oil moisturizes deeply and nourishes the skin. Packed with vitamin E it increases elasticity helping the body to stretch and grow. A light, vitamin filled wonder oil which is easily absorbed and loved by many


Jojoba is an incredibly nourishing oil which combats the many pressures that pregnancy can place on the body, as your beautiful baby grows, so does your body, and although we can look radiant during pregnancy the skin is put under immense pressure. Jojoba oil will help to prevent any scarring by building hydration and elasticity to the skin, reduce the chance of stretchmarks and prevent loosening of the skin. A natural wonder, this oil is beyond beautifying before, during and after pregnancy


Unakite is a wonderfully healing crystal encouraging nurturing, compassion and balance. it is excellent for promoting a healthy pregnancy, it can support recovery after childbirth and promotes the health of the mother and unborn child


Your lovely new oil is very versatile, there’s no need to limit it to being simply a massage oil. It can be used as
- A bath oil to moisturise
- A night cream on your face to deeply moisturize and nourish
- A deep cleanser/make up remover, simply massage into the skin and wipe away with warm water and a clean muslin or cotton pad
- Eye make up remover, simply apply a small amount to the eyes and wipe away with warm water and pads...
- Dry skin areas on the body including hands
- Excellent for pregnant women to prevent/reduce stretch marks and nourish the growing bump/breast area
- A lovely massage oil for new babies, excellent for cradle cap or red/sore areas


Apply liberally massaging into your bump, hips, breast and bum area. Breathe deeply and visualise yourself connected to your unborn child by a colourful thread, you are both surrounded and protected by a beautiful glittery white light


Ingredients: Organic Sweet Almond oil - Organic Rosehip oil - Organic Ylang Ylang - Organic Frankincense - Unakite 100ml


Mamas Massage oil

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  • A gorgeously scented body oil designed to nourish the skin, aid stretching and prevent scarring. Infused with crystal to encourage connection to your little angel

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