29 Oct 2018

Spirituality is on the rise, and although it's 'fashionable' right now it means that the word is spreading in a big way. Trends like this come and go.. First it was paleo doing the rounds, now it's cool to be vegan, uber cool if you meditate. These trends, although fai...

11 Sep 2018

I have to admit my first real experience with Citrine was all about money! I had heard wondrous things about people wearing this crystal and watching the cash roll in.. Well of course I had to check this out for myself (strictly for research purposes) There are many a...

7 Sep 2018

This gorgeous, high vibration crystal is probably my favourite and an absolute must for your collection. Selenite will work to draw light down from the higher realms and connect you to your Angels and guides. It is the most high vibration that a crystal can have and wi...

3 Sep 2018

The healing power of Crystals has long been known, for thousands of years indigenous people have been utilising the calming, protecting and grounding effects of these beautiful wonders of nature. Pretty much, there's a crystal for everything! Cleansing your aura, prote...

16 Jul 2018

This post came to my attention recently and shocked me. I used to love this stuff! and why?! Good marketing as always.. I've learnt a lot since then and have now discovered the wonder oils that nature provides us with. Simple, natural and effective. 

Read on to discover...

26 Mar 2018

So this Month we have 2 Full Moons! they'll this a Blue moon and although famously rare this occurrence is happening or the second time this year!! We also had 2 blue Moons in January.

It's safe to say the energy this year is potent and I'm sure we are all feeling it! w...

5 Mar 2018

I have officially discovered my new addiction... how have I gone 32 years without ever discovering this wonder oil! 

Well loved by celebrities (including our lovely princess Kate) Rosehip oil, harvested from the seeds of the Rose bush is having it's moment to shine, it'...

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For the love of Rosehip!

March 5, 2018

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